Explain The Aoa And Aon Methods For Network Diagramming

Lesson: (5 of 12) Developing the Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a diagram that, when complete, looks similar to an organizational chart. Project managers use this tool to subdivide the work of a project into manageable tasks.

Learn about CPM and PERT – two different approaches to scheduling. You now know how both CPM and PERT use network diagramming. Learn about AOA and AON – two different methods of notation used in network diagramming. More specifically, learn that both notation systems describe task dependency and it doesn't matter which one you use. Most project management software does, however, use the AON notation method.

Our Developing the Work Breakdown Structure lesson, in our Project Management course will show you how to Explain the AOA and AON methods for network diagramming.

This course describes how to create and organize project tasks by developing the work breakdown structure and a network diagram.

This interactive course is for anyone wanting to learn about project management. It can also be helpful in preparing for the Project Management Institute project management certification.

Topics Include:

WBS basics, Identifying tasks, WBS procedures, WBS guidelines, Network diagram basics, Network diagram procedures.

Project Management : Developing the Work Breakdown Structure includes:

This training course provides a detailed examination of project management concepts and strategies. It discusses the seven components of a management system and the five phases of the project life cycle, and looks at factors that affect cost and quality. The project manager's role is explored in detail, and strategies for defining the project are examined. Tasks such as developing the Work Breakdown Structure, estimating and scheduling resources, scheduling computations, and tracking project activities are discussed. The close-out phase of a project is also covered. Other topics include formalizing project management standards, developing a project team, and strategies for becoming a more effective project manager.

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