Explain The Use Of Type Wrapper Classes in Java 2 5.0 Programming

Lesson: (12 of 14) Enumerations and Autoboxing

When J2SE 5 was released, Java was substantially expanded with several new language features. These additions fundamentally alter the character and scope of the language. They answer long-standing needs and break new ground. They've profoundly changed Java.

Learn that an enumeration is a list of named constants that defines a new data type. You create an enumeration with the enum keyword, and Java implements enumerations as class types. Learn about the values( ) and valueOf( ) methods included in all enumerations. Learn that, since an enumeration constant is an object of its enumeration type, an enumeration can define constructors, add methods, and have instance variables. When you define a constructor for an enum, the constructor will be called when each enumeration constant is created.

Our Enumerations and Autoboxing lesson, in our Java 2 5.0 Programming course will show you how to Explain the use of type wrapper classes.

This course introduces you to new features of Java 2 5.0 that fundamentally alter the character and scope of the Java language. You'll learn about enumerations, autoboxing/unboxing, static import, and metadata.

This interactive course is for programmers who plan to work in Java, as well as anyone interested in learning more about Java programming.

Topics Include:

Enumerations, Using enumerations, Type wrappers, Autoboxing, Static import, Metadata.

Java 2 5.0 Programming : Enumerations and Autoboxing includes:

This course introduces the learner to the fundamentals of Java programming. It starts with the basics, such as how to compile and run a Java program; discusses Java language keywords; and concludes with advanced features such as multithreaded programming, generics, and applets.

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