World-Related Sequencing

Lesson: (3 of 5) Design Concepts

When it comes time to actually design the instruction, there are three main parts to consider: sequencing, delivery and instructional strategy, and designing the instructional message.

Learn that sequencing is the efficient ordering of content to help the learner achieve the learning objectives. Learn how concept-related sequencing places content in an order consistent with how we organize the world logically. Learn how to use the four schemes for sequencing conceptual content — class relations, propositional relations, concept sophistication, and logical prerequisite.

Our Design Concepts lesson, in our Instructional Design course will show you how to Use world-related sequencing.

This training course provides information on sequencing, delivery and instructional strategy, as well as designing the instructional message.

This interactive course is for new trainers and teachers, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of the instructional design process.

Topics Include:

Learning and world-related sequencing, Other sequencing types, Foundations of instructional strategies, Teaching facts and concepts, Teaching principles, rules, and procedures, Teaching interpersonal skills and attitudes, Preinstructional strategies, Design for text, Using pictures and graphics.

Instructional Design : Design Concepts includes:

This course will teach the learner the basics of the instructional design process. Learners will discover how to identify the need for instruction and analyze the content to be taught. Best practices for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating instruction will help prepare the learner to create instructional programs.

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